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Kapil September 3, 2006 10:31

Project Advice Needed
Hello Dear friends,

I am in the final year of engineering (undergraduate course) in Mechanical Engineering. As a requirement of the syllabus, all final year students are suppose to complete a Project and I want to do a CFD analysis project.

Can you people suggest me some analysis (cfd) projects which could be completed in 6 months time. I would prefer if you would give me some websites which gives me experimental benchmarks, which I could use to compare with my CFD results.

A question you may ask is, where do I stand in the world of CFD. The answer to it is, am at a decent ground and can fight my way to success, the only constraint is TIME. I just have 6 - 7 months. So please suggest me some projects (with websites) on which i could work on.

Please do not give me references of simple cases like flow over a cylinder or flat plate. The project title clearly states that i should analyse either a system or a product. Looking forward from support of the entire community. If you have performed some work and have validated your results with CFD, it would be really helpful if you could share the experimental data. Credits to all people would be mentioned and a soft copy of my work would be mailed to them.

Thank you.

My email id is :

MBR September 3, 2006 16:10

Re: Project Advice Needed
Within your project you will need to demonstrate inter alia inquitiveness, planning, logical progression and analysis, etc.

I would suggest also that you seek to tackle a project that is somewhat sequential in what it offers you. And so that way you gain some demonstrable wins as you progress. i.e. don't think about solving the final 'system' but rather working towards solving it.

As an example what about flow through close-coupled fittings.

Good luck.


sharath September 3, 2006 22:22

Re: Project Advice Needed
Hi, Im too final year mech. I now trying to catch up with basics. Are u well aware of the basics.

Once u hv enough basics.. within 2 months u can complete the project.

Kapil September 4, 2006 02:37

Re: Project Advice Needed
I agree to what you said, but thats where problems come up. Previously, i was trying to model a kaplan turbine test rig at my college and do analysis on it (it has cavitation problem). Now besides innumerous problems with the setup itself, the time line of 6 - 7 months also is a problem. I eventually had to drop the idea of it.

If you have some experimental data (or know any website which contains experimental data of a system/product). I could give it a thought and later follow the systematic procedure which you mentioned.

As for examples, i prefer something bigger, one thought i have is Centrifugal pump analysis, but i need more options. If you could suggest it would be great.

Thanks Mark :)

- Kapil

Kapil September 4, 2006 02:41

Re: Project Advice Needed
Dear Sharath,

I do agree that softwares have made the life of humans very easy, but i differ in your opinion that any project can be completed within 2 months. It purely depends on your input parameters, the selected conditions for solving and like that, various other reasons.

However the real test isnt of solving a problem in a solver, the real problem is of validating your results. A software is programmed to give you some results based on your inputs, if your inputs are wrong, it will still give results. This is not desired. I hope you get my point.

And yes, I am well aware of the basics.

Which university do you study in?

- Kapil

sharath September 4, 2006 07:07

Re: Project Advice Needed
Dear friend,

Im studying in one of the self-financing colloge of Anna University.

To be frank i mailed u with an intention to get some ideas and links(internet) to thorough with the basics.

U know the condition of self financing colloge.....

If u dont mind .....can u please help me in preparing the basics as u had done.

Ill be very much greatful to u....



Mark September 4, 2006 08:00

Re: Project Advice Needed
Hi Kapil,

My suggestion for you would to be start at the ground level on a cfd model that can teach you the basic principles and applications of CFD. An easy model will give you the time to play around with the parameters and see what effect they have on the simulation results. It will also give you a chance to build a solid foundation in CFD, (that's if you wish to move on in CFD).

Keep it simple, after all, your final year project is only to show that you can use the knowledge you have gained in the previous years and that you can apply yourself to a project without continual supervision.

I would suggest you conduct a 2D simulation of a NACA wing section to determine the coefficients of lift and drag and compare your results to those published by Abbott and Von Doenhoff - 'Theory of wing sections'1959.

A good modelling approach to this problem is very important and will illustrate to your supervisor how you tackled the problem. It's not necessarily the complexity of the project that gets the points but your approach.


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