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alame005 August 2, 2013 14:37

coupling vof with single phase flow and gravity term
Hey everyone,
currently developing two phase flow solver. I have written a 2D navier stokes solver for a single phase flow and tested it. I also wrote a VOF-plic algorithm and tested that and it works. Now when I couple the two together and add gravity it doesnt work.

Any suggestions on how to treat gravity ?

I have modified my single phase solver to include dimensional quantities and density and rho are used explicitly.
It's based on a predictor corrector step.
When I couple the vof with the single phase I treat the gravity term as a constant and add it to the non-linear and viscous terms in the predictor step.

Is that the way to go about it ? I'm trying to simulate the Rayleigh-Taylor problem.
Your input would be highly appreciated.

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