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ellie_megan August 3, 2013 22:42

Help urgent ! CFD question
Hi guys,

I was due to conduct an experiment to see the effects of ventilation size on how a fie would develop. Due to unforeseen circumstances I cannot access the lab to conduct it, my tutor said to use FDS. I'm really struggling how to use it can anyone help, ? To confuse me even more a friend of mine used CFD, what is CFD exactly? Is it a simulation programme which could show me how the fire would go!? Does it draw the graphs? Is FDS a type of CFD. Also the project I have read (also to see fire developement in a compartment- and the effects of ventilation) has talked about calculation domain, framework creation, borderline settings, fire modelling and things like grid resolution ! I have no idea what these are. Can anyone be kind enough to explain? There are graphs about mesh element size and say plume_3.A/B. And a section on foyer plume resolution, anyone care to enlightment me pretty urgently please ?

Aeronautics El. K. August 6, 2013 11:17

Jazper-X1 April 16, 2014 02:53

Hi there,
Seems like a classic scenario- being pushed out of comfort zone to take on something different! Nonetheless, a great way to get started on learning a new skill (FDS). If you have gotten ahead with actually using FDS for your study, would you mind sharing your progress/experience in learning FDS fire simulation since you first posted this?

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