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Miguel September 7, 2006 15:25

Continuum Surface Force Model
Hi all,

I have read in CFD literature as well as in help's softwares (like CFX & Fluent) Continuum Surface Force Model in order to modeling surface tension effects, but information about this model is not complete. I know this model was developmented by Brackbill et al (1992)in A Continuum Method for Modeling Surface Tension, but this paper is really hard to find.

Can anybody help me with this model? Where can I find information or paper mentioned above.

Thanks a lot

Miguel September 8, 2006 10:10

Re: Continuum Surface Force Model
Please, if somebody coul send this paper to, I would be really thankful. I can't find it.

A Continuum Method for Modeling Surface Tension, Brackbill J.U., Khote D.B, Zemach C, 1992, Journal of Computational Physics, V100, 335-354

Thanks a lot


Miky1020 August 3, 2012 20:14

The paper has been sent already. Thanks for your help. If anyone need this paper feel free to ask for it and I'll share it.

Danial Q August 4, 2012 03:43

HI Miguel
I hope you got paper by now, but one advice which i got from some CFD Professor might help you.
I was laos using CSF model by brackbill but in his opinion, there are far better surface tension model available right now to model surface tension. So, you better use new ones.


Miky1020 August 4, 2012 14:56

Thanks for the advice.

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