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neo September 13, 2006 21:38

Study fluid mechanics in Russia
Dear all,

Has somebody studied or studying mechanics (fluid) at phd level in russian univerisity on individual plan. I want to know how is the research and good schools for fluid (theoretical). And also about admission. Is Fluid Mechanics there regarded as mathematical or engineering subject? Is it possible to study there with engineering background?



diaw September 14, 2006 05:38

Re: Study fluid mechanics in Russia
I'd be very interested to see what information you manage to come up with.

I'm planning to learn to read technical Russian towards the end of this year, so that I can more fully digest some of the excellent Russian nonlinear work.

diaw (desA)

sveta September 16, 2006 18:25

Re: Study fluid mechanics in Russia
I did.

Sankt Petersburg Technical Univ. Fluid Dynamics Dept

Very good.

sveta September 16, 2006 18:26

Re: Study fluid mechanics in Russia
Sankt Petersburg Technical Univ., Fluid and Gas Dynamic dept.

Very good one.

diaw September 17, 2006 06:09

Re: Study fluid mechanics in Russia
Hi Sveta,

Could you recommend an of your lecturers who specialise in nonlinear dynamics?

There are also a number of excellent nonlinear books written in Russian language. It would be wonerful if someone were interested in translating some of these into English language.

diaw... (desA)

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