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atkgopinath2006 August 20, 2013 22:13

Guide me to select the best CFD Software.
I wanted to simulate fluid motion with sediment transport
to model some Strom Water Quality Improvement Devices (SQIDs) [e.g. sediment traps ] for my research need.

I wish to know about the most suitable CFD Simulation Software considering the following.
  • Pre processing capabilities
  • Physical modeling capabilities
  • The solver
  • Post processing capabilities
  • User friendliness
  • User support
I'm relatively new to here and your suggestions will enable me to select a much sophisticated software.

Thanks and Regards,

julien.decharentenay August 23, 2013 07:09

Hi Gopi,

You probably want to include budget considerations - that are for some a driver in their software selection.

In your question, it would help if you were able to refine your objectives in regards to the criteria that you have nominated (pre-processing capabilities, ....).

You also need to indicate whether you are after a general purpose CFD software (such as Fluent, Star-CCM+, CFX, etc) that is likely to meet your requirements or a software that is tailored for your application domain (if such software exists).

Something that I would recommend is to look at what your colleagues and competitors might be using. If it works for them, it is likely to work for you or you can learn from their experience. Note: if you have a picture of a CFD result, it is likely that someone can tell you which software was used to generate the picture.

Good luck.


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