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JYPark August 31, 1999 11:53

2D compressor cascade
Dear everybody. I am trying to find 2D or 3d compressor cascade geometry, experimental condition and results to validate my compressible code.

If anyone has the data, please let me know.


stephane baralon August 31, 1999 15:06

Re: 2D compressor cascade
You mentioned the validation of a compressible solver: how much compressible effects should be of importance in the test case?

transonic compressors and fans:

NASA 67 transonic rotor fan. You may purchase the report and the enclosed floppy disc(ask for it!) from The NASA database ( CERCON , i think... ). Reference: NASA-TP-2879 from A.J. Strazisar. It is certainly the most computed fan test case ever.

NASA 37 transonic rotor fan: the same: you may look at the ASME Journal of Turbomachinery in articles from the mid nineties up to now. Otherwise, you may get it from the ERCOFTAC test case database.

Low speed compressor, unsteady measurements: Look also at ERCOFTAC.

The last would be the E3 compressor from General Electric. I Think it is public domain information.Unfortunately, I donīt have the reference but you may also look at the ASME Journals.

Hope Iīve been of help.

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