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Financial Insider September 19, 2006 13:15

The next merger CAE/CFD - place your bets
The odds for the next mergers are the following

PTC acquires SIMULOG ( 3/1

UG-NX acquires SIMULOG 5/1

Dassault PLM (CATIA, Solidworks) acquires esi-group (, CFD-ACE from Huntsville,Al) 2/1

Dassault acquires SIMULOG 3/1

Theres is also CFDstudio/ANSWER from (Bel Air California). There is a nice gas turbine combustor in the front page.

What do you reckon?


Very Lengthy Equestrian Spines September 21, 2006 02:03

Re: The next merger CAE/CFD - place your bets
Dassault acquires CD 3:2 MSC acquires CD 2:1

William Blake September 21, 2006 02:53

Re: The next merger CAE/CFD - place your bets
You can not simply aquire CD since it is privatly hold. That's the big difference to all the other strong players.

Really Annoying Nighttime Shopping September 21, 2006 04:26

Re: The next merger CAE/CFD - place your bets
Eh? Being private of course CD can't be had via a hostile take over. The acquisition will be friendly, I'm sure Steve McDonald will be very happy with the ££s outcome.

Fluent were private when Ansys bought them from Willis Stein.

CFX were part of AEA Technology, a public company who I'm sure jumped at the chance to sell CFX to Ansys for such a massive amount of $$s.

CD's the current largest 'independent' CFD player, then Flomerics, then you're down to players like BRNI etc. etc.

Because you're worth it September 21, 2006 15:34

Re: The next merger CAE/CFD - place your bets
the most important point of view is the purchaser's point of view (not the one who's bought): i.e. they want to buy the company who is less expensive, have the knowledge and is growing, and hopefully for them avoid the ***

I wonder if this could be a clue (from their web-site):

"illustrate ESI Group's synergy strategy towards the integration of Virtual Manufacturing simulation technologies in the 3D-PLM environment of Dassault Systèmes.

These modules are developed under ESI Group - Dassault Systèmes CAA V5 Gold Software Partnership Agreement."

And their news feed looks like a financial shopping windows. There is totally nothing hapening on the other's web-site

Are they trying too hard.

King Englebert September 21, 2006 15:55

Re: The next merger CAE/CFD - place your bets
I wouldn't judge A+M activity via www site content! I would imagine ESI is on someone's shopping list though.

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