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Aditya September 20, 2006 03:21

Computing time
Dear all,

I want to know typically how much time does a commercial software take for a flow past cylinder problem. Laminar, transient, 2D, Re =100, 7800 cells. TYpically for the 2d Unsteady benchmark problem mentioned here

Please mention your system config, no of elements and convergence criteria used.

I want to benchmark my code.

Thanking in anticipation

Regards, Aditya

Mani September 21, 2006 08:50

Re: Computing time
benchmarking your code should be done on your own machine. it's not meaningful to compare computing times on two configurations which differ in probably about everything from hardware to compiler to CFD code to convergence criteria... run a demo version of the commercial software you are interested in on your own hardware.

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