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SOLA-VOF and Broken Dam problem September 22, 2006 14:02

SOLA-VOF and Broken Dam Problem
Hi everyone,

If someone has used SOLA-VOF to solve broken dam problem, please let me know where the width of water column is defined in this code? Apparantly, FLHT (Fluid Height) is the only input of this code.

Thanks M.M

Jim_Park September 22, 2006 20:09

Re: SOLA-VOF and Broken Dam Problem
What do you mean by width?

Sola-Vof is a two-dimensional code, so you're simulating the instantaneous removal of a very long dam (normal to the x-z plane that you're calculating in). flht is just the initial depth of the water behind the dam before you remove the dam.

The other possibility is that you're talking about the distance between the distance between the dam face and the left side of the mesh. I think in sola-vof you 'fill the lake' in the special section for initial condition specification, where you label selected computational cells as 'full' before starting the calculation. If they're not full, they're empty and located above the lake or to the right of the damn. You choose the width by dividing up your horizonal (x) mesh between that intially covered/filled with water and a space to the right where the outflow develops. Clearly depends on your computing resource (speed, memory), the resolution you require, and the time you have to run the problem.

In principle, nasa-vod/3d should be able to do the full 3-d problem (I guess).

Or am I misunderstanding?

peter September 23, 2006 01:38

Re: SOLA-VOF and Broken Dam Problem
I have solavof code in PDF format, could you please send its fortran format to me (

Jim_Park September 23, 2006 09:17

Re: SOLA-VOF and Broken Dam Problem
You might try PDFConverter4,

They claim it'll convert .pdf documents into Word, WordPerfect, Excel, or .rtf (rich text format). [I haven't tried this]. If so, those can be easily converted into .txt (test files) that your Fortran compiler can use. It's US$ 50.

But be warned. sola-vof is a code from the late 70's. It's written for the CDC-7600. In addition it uses system-specific features added by the LANL systems people.

I no longer have a copy of sola-vof.

peter September 23, 2006 11:33

Re: SOLA-VOF and Broken Dam Problem
it is good idea but as pdf has low quality when i use convertor (OCR) it don't give good results and several undesired caracter is appeared.

Jim_Park September 23, 2006 14:20

Re: SOLA-VOF and Broken Dam Problem
I wasn't suggesting OCR.

The website offers the following:

"Improved! The Most Accurate Conversion Ever Through a collaboration with Microsoft, Nuance was the first-ever to enable the conversion of PDF documents back into fully-formatted Microsoft Office formats, and simply delivers the best conversion available today. That makes the 60% improvement in PDF-to-Word conversion in the new release even more astounding. Better still, we've made converting legal documents more accurate, significantly enhanced converting to Microsoft Excel, and implemented native PDF-to-WordPerfect conversion."

The site suggests that they look at the binary underlying the image and rebuild the source from that.

But, even with your OCR output you should be able to clean up the file a lot more rapidly than typing the whole code in from scratch. But I agree either way is a lot of work and there's a good chance of introducing errors.

Hussam November 20, 2009 17:27

Broken Dam problem but with an obstacle.
Dear Sir
I am working on the development of the program SOLA-VOF written in a FORTRAN Language for include two phase flow (liquid-liquid) is combined with the Continuous Surface Force (CSF) algorithm.
First, I want to test program SOLA-VOF to solve the Broken Dam problem but with an obstacle.
I find some difficults to take the Mesh, BC nd how the representation of the obstacle.
Please help me in that.

Yours sincerely
Hussam Ali Khalaf

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