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Danny September 23, 2006 00:12

Front Tracking Method?
Hi~ 1. What is "Front Tracking Method"? 2. What kind of problems is the method used for? 3. What is relation between Front Tracking Method and Immersed Boundary Method?

Pls, anyone give me explain about the questions mentioned above.


Renato. September 24, 2006 09:54

Re: Front Tracking Method?
1- A method where the front (interface) between fluids is followed by the computational grid.

2- I only know this method applied to free-surface problems

3- I don't know the method you cited, but free-surface methods have two main distinct groups. The Front Tracking Methods and the Front Capturing Methods. The first, I guess you already understood by the answer of the 1st question.

In the front capturing the methods, the interface between two fluids is "captured" by the use of a marking function which is transported by an advection transport equation. The most known types of marking functions employed are those related to VOF (Volume-Of-Fluid) and LS (Level Set)methods. In VOF, a step marking function ranging from 0 to 1, which corresponds to the fraction of fluid that has been captured, is employed and the interface will be represented for those cells which have the transition between 0 and 1. In LS, a signed distance function is used as marking function. In this case, the interface will correspond to the zero level set and the fluids are distinguished by the sign of the distance function. Each method has its pros and cons, take a look in the literature to find more details...



Renato. September 24, 2006 20:23

Re: Front Tracking Method?
maybe the following article can be useful for you:

it seems related to immersed interface methods



Danny September 25, 2006 07:27

Re: Front Tracking Method?
Thank you, Renato.

Is there anybody who can explain more detail?

Have a nice day!!!

rt September 25, 2006 08:19

Re: Front Tracking Method?
Front Tracking Method is general keyword, give more detail: what kind of problem you deal with?

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