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kiran September 30, 2006 05:07

Reg: Supersonic flow past backward facing step
Dear Friends,

I am working on supersonic flow (M=2.5) past a backward facing step. I make use of an inhouse 2D finite volume Euler code. I have the following doubts.

1. Which among Roe, VanLeer and AUSM would be a preferred choice ? I find that the pressure on the base (step) is wrongly predicted when I use Roe scheme, but the predictions are better (although not in good qunatitative agreement with experiments) when VanLeer scheme is employed.

2. What is the maximum value of Mach number achieved in the recirculation zone ?

3. Is it possible that viscous solution with a suitable turbulence model may give me improved results? If so, what turbulence model is recommended? I have used Roe + Baldwin Lomax and my base pressure predictions are not significantly different from those of an inviscid code

Thanks in advance



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