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SteveNTUA October 2, 2006 15:41

5 year diploma
Dear friends

I'm asking this question because I've been hearing it a lot and because am in my final year in a 5 year polytechnic mechanical engineering school. Dose a 5 year diploma (for the last 2 year I've chosen aerodynamics) considered a master in aerodynamics; And if not what's the difference between a 5 year diploma and a 3 year (like England) mechanical engineering degree.

Kyriacou Selios


George October 2, 2006 17:24

Re: 5 year diploma
Hello synadelfe, I think what is important is not what something is considered, but what you learn during these 5 years and how much you try to do your best. Another example is two universities in England (3 years both) but one has the first ranking and the other 50th. 3 years are both, but you will have learn more things at the first one, except if you do your best at the second one...

At least in your country it is the best by far polytechnic school.

Imagine if you continue for your phd thesis in that school, which is what I am doing at the moment (5 more years). Total 10 years..not bad!

Except from all these titles, what leally matters is what YOU do to take advantage of your studies.

A NTUA fellow

TB October 3, 2006 04:56

Re: 5 year diploma
Just to satisfy my curiousity.... is it possible to start a phd after a diploma? The system seemed to be quite different from my place.

Mani October 3, 2006 07:07

Re: 5 year diploma
It depends on the university you are applying to. Some may accept your diploma as a Master's degree, others will only consider it a Bachelor's degree. It's often a bureaucratic decision based on precedence so don't bother arguing with logic (there is none). Some of the schools who downgrade you to a BS may nevertheless allow you to transfer some credit (for certain classes) towards a Master's. Bottomline: Contact the schools you are interested in, before you apply.

Andrew Hayes October 3, 2006 07:20

Re: 5 year diploma
I know Clemson University's Engineering program (undergraduate) is a 5 year program. It took me 5 years to get out, and I was the first one from my high school class that went to Clemson in the Engineering program to graduate. I only know one person that did it under 5 years, and it took him 4.5 years. I also know a few ceramic engineers that went straight from undergrad to phd. To be able to transfer as a master degree you will have to fulfill certain requirements. The classes will have to be post senior level classes.

SteveNTUA October 4, 2006 04:17

Re: 5 year diploma
Many thanks for replaying to my question. I understand that it's strictly depends on the university you are applying and it has nothing to do with level of the knowledge you have (that's really stupid) like Mani said. After all I agree with George that the level of knowledge a person has depends not only in the school but at the person us well.

And George I also like to know (if you don't bother) if you are in the Mechanical Engineering school of NTUA! And because I'm interested to do my phd here too under mister Giannacoglou maybe (cause I've already done some work there). I would like to have your opinion in that. I also appreciate the work that is being done from mr Tsaggaris, mr Bergeles , and mr Voutsinas ! Very thanks in advance.

Kyriacou Stylianos


George October 4, 2006 10:47

Re: 5 year diploma
I am a mechanical engineer in NTUA and now I am writing my phd thesis. Giannakoglou I think is a good professor, but before you begin just make sure that you will have some money from this and also some work there. Because I have made tha mistake to start this whole thing and now 2 years after I don't have a job, I don't have any money and I don't think that in the future something will change. Be sure that there is something for you and not just to tell you that ok, begin and we will find something for you...

Good luck!

TB October 5, 2006 05:43

Re: 5 year diploma
Hi George... Funding is always a problem for PhD student. You're not the only one. Cheer up and keep doing the hard work. You'll be fine sooner or later.

SteveNTUA October 6, 2006 23:04

Re: 5 year diploma
Hey George thanks for the advice, and I'm really sorry for replying late but you know about the double exam series! I'll be asking some questions later because I'm really interested in the subject. I've also been presented with a job for the 10th semester in Austria by mr Giannakoglou (it would be counted as a diploma assay)and I'd like your opinion. Should I take the opportunity or stay in school and continue with my real diploma project; I really like to go and see what's happening in the real world but I thing I prefer a research career over that !


Kyriacou Stylianos

George October 9, 2006 18:33

Re: 5 year diploma
Every experience that you gain is important. It doesn't really matters in which field will be. Think the step that will come after one or two steps, so that you can organize your future and your career better and exactly as you want. Everything depends on you.... Good luck!

SteveNTUA October 10, 2006 04:43

Re: 5 year diploma
I'm really thankful for your advises!


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