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Dazhu October 3, 2006 10:11

Need some suggestions
Hello, guys, somehow i am not satisfied with my currnet job. I am a chinese, and took msc course in thermal and fluids engineering in the UK and obtained the degree. now i am working as a support engineer for some aeroengine testing equipments, which does not link to what i have studied tightly. before i took this job, i had tried to find a job close to CFD, however, the comanies thought i do not have a lot of experience in CFD, since the 1-year msc is too short. now i am considering to carry on my study to take a phd course somewhere, however, i really do not have confidence. without any practise for nearly two years, i am not sure whether i can pick the knowledge up again. also it is truth that during the msc course, only a 5-month project work was done, which is not really long experience. so could any one tell me, whether a guy like me is capable or suitable to take a phd? Cheers mates!

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