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CFD Student October 4, 2006 03:27

Deforming grid - ALE method
Dear CFD people,

I wrote 2-D cell-centered finite volume Navier-Stokes solvers employing central differencing and upwind schemes for evaluation of convective fluxes and Green-Gauss aproach for evaluation of diffusive fluxes with convergence acceleration techniques such as local time stepping, residual smoothing and multigrid. Low mach number preconditioning technique (due to Weiss and Smith) is also employed in the solver. Recently, I modified the solver to handle time-accurate flows using Dual Time Stepping scheme of Jameson.

Currently, I am trying to implement Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) method into my solver to handle flow problems that require moving grids to be solved. I would like to have your suggestions and any references, papers, articles regarding ALE method and its implementation.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Regards.

CFD Student

jojo October 10, 2006 10:33

Re: Deforming grid - ALE method
Have a look on KIVA doc. It's on-line. Hope this helps.

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