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moon September 1, 1999 22:09

B.C. in unstructured..??
i solved simple laplace equation:(2-D heat conduction problem; it's just test)

But, i can't fully understand boundary conditions in unstructured..(FVM,triangular mesh). So, Please give me some advice about B.C...Some sites,paper and so on..related to B.C

i appreciate your reading this...and hope contact..

John C. Chien September 1, 1999 23:59

Re: B.C. in unstructured..??
(1). I am sorry to give you more specific answer. (2). If you distribute arbitrary irregular size triangular cells along the wall, you will have a lot of problem in getting accurate solutions. (2). The trend is to use four sided brick cells along the wall. Then you should have no difficulty in applying the temperature b.c. or temperature gradient b.c. You can use interpolation for the cells near the wall, or at the wall.

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