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Mr Amida Oluwole October 11, 2006 07:39

Need help on KIVA-3V spray output
Hi,i make my computational work with KIVA-3 code but i am changing to KIVA-3V for spray simulation and combustion modeling,however,i am having problem with the spray model.I set the nozzle exit velocity to 250m/s and the numvel to 1 but the result is outputing a velocity less than 250m/s at the nozzle exit.I will be glad if anyone can advise on this problem of mine.

Thanks as your advise will be wonderfully helpful.


ulf November 8, 2006 08:15

Re: Need help on KIVA-3V spray output
KIVA calculates it's own injection velocities with the given spmass (mass of injected fuel for the whole number of nozzles), the fuel density, the injection duration, the discharge coefficient and thee nozzle area of one nozzle hole. you can check it by yourself with fuel_mass=injection_velocity*injection_duration*Ar ea*fuel_density

Mr AMIDA OLUWOLE November 13, 2006 21:33

Re: Need help on KIVA-3V spray output
Thank you very much for your advice, however, the problem is when using a velocity table, i understand that KIVA-3V calculates the right velocity with respect to the amount of fuel(tspmass) been injected. But my problem is the fact athat i want to inject fuel with a single velocity and also will like to know if you did experience the same problem i am trying to solve now, i mean the breakup model (rtaylorerc and waverc). Droplets are not atomize into smaller droplets as injection curve increases. I used a sine curve for my injection profile. Please advice

mel021184 January 3, 2012 11:47

examples for kiva 3V
Hi, I need examples for kiva 3V.
non engine application.
someone who can help me?
someone who has worked with kiva 3v?
I'm trying to simulate a spray impacting on a surface.

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