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Typical question in OIL and GAS October 13, 2006 17:56

Crude oil Pipeline over river banks

I was wondering if some of you can recommend papers or web site on a typical example for the oil and gas industry (on shore):

When the crude oil is produced and separated from gas and water in the flow station at the rig it needs then to be carried to a processing and distribution point (refinery) via pipeline. Sometimes the pipeline needs to go over a river. When it is hot or cold, the radiation on the water (reflected) can be quite different from the radiation on the ground (absorbed). There is also evaporation of the water if the pipeline stays overground/overwater. Another solution is to put the pipeline laying on the riverbed, but there could be problems with whatever is carried by the river (rocks, broken trees, etc...).

In any case there is a temperature change when the pipeline crosses a river. FSI and Thermal FSI + CFD should be required in the model.

Any suggestion to point to (publications)? which software package can model good pipe flow with heat transfter + the close river environment.

Thank you


Angen October 14, 2006 16:15

Re: Crude oil Pipeline over river banks
In Canada, most pipelines are UNDER a river bed so you can avoid all the problems you mentioned. What you need is to put your pipeline deep enough to avoid it being flooded. It seems to me that it is even a law to put a pipeline under the river bed.


Harry October 15, 2006 08:33

Re: Crude oil Pipeline over river banks
In remote countries like Indonesia or South America, I don't think they will dig, with all the aligators, leeches, pirhanas, malaria, etc... For maintenance, then the river bed will have to be excavated again.

May be you can find some relevant example there:


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