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Renato. October 15, 2006 16:15

Papers request
Does anyone have the following articles (or have access to some database)?

Brackbill JU, Kothe DB and Zemach C, A continuum method for modeling surface tension - Journal of Computational Physics archive - Volume 100 , Issue 2 (June 1992) Pages: 335 - 354

F. Xiao and T. Yabe, A method to trace sharp interface of two fluids in calculations involving shocks, Shock Waves, Volume 4, Number 2 / September, 1994


Takashi Yabe and Feng Xiao, Description of Complex and Sharp Interface during Shock Wave Interaction with Liquid Drop - J. Phys. Soc. Japan (62), 2537, 1993

any help can be sent to



rt October 16, 2006 02:43

Re: Papers request
find the first paper and some comment regarding to others in your box.

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