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diaw October 22, 2006 03:13

Group effects & fluid structures
Has anyone performed any research in terms of trying to simulate & explain fluid structures & group effects?

I've currently got detailed flow-field results on display & clear group structures seem to be emerging - for incompressible fluids. I've currently isolated the contributions of each major term of the Navier-stokes equations & have these on display - in various combinations.

Mathematically, the N-S are often thought of on a per element basis, but during a simulation, very definite interactions between fluid elements are observed. These interactions seem to group themselves into larger group-type effects.

I'm not quite sure how a typical mathematical analysis of the N-S would be able to pick up these group phenomena, but, in a numerical simulation of many linked elements, these effects become very noticeable.

I'd love to hear the viewpoints & experiences of other colleagues researching in this area, or related areas.


diaw October 27, 2006 06:04

Re: Group effects & fluid structures
Any interested parties care to comment?


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