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Tim Franke September 3, 1999 03:07

Extracting boundary conditions ?
Could someone give me some hints for the following problem?

To simulate the flow in a short tunnel caused by wind blowing directly on one entrance I found out that I have to place the inflow and outflow bc's far away from the tunnel (approx. 2km with 240m tunnel lenght) In order to get some detailed flow patterns in the tunnel caused by obstacles I have to refine the grid in the tunnel. Now I want to cut my former huge flow field remaining only a short volume (e.g. 20m) at the two entrances to save grid cells. What are possible bc's that I can extract from my first run to the decreased flow field ?

Cheers, Tim

John C. Chien September 3, 1999 12:33

Re: Extracting boundary conditions ?
(1). The information is not enough to know the geometry and the method used. (2). But, you can try to used the velocity and the pressure computed from the previous large domain problem and used it directly as the inlet conditions for the reduced size problem.

Janna J. September 3, 1999 13:38

Re: Extracting boundary conditions ?
u can use different sizes of grids for different domains to save the overall size since the inlet/outlet extensions are necessary for the flow to develope.

Tim Franke September 6, 1999 03:09

Re: Extracting boundary conditions ?
For an inlet condition I can either set the velocities or the pressure that I have got from the large domain calculation. What would you suggest ?


John C. Chien September 6, 1999 14:28

Re: Extracting boundary conditions ?
(1).The velocity.

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