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fllubo October 8, 2013 08:32

How to get experiment data
Hello everyone
I'm doing a research on optimization of Blended-Wing-Body, is there anyone know whether there is some experiment data for airplane opening to the public for research? Thanks

julien.decharentenay October 9, 2013 21:31


What data sources have you tried?

Ercoftac: classic database and associated other initiatives such as SIG and QNET-CFD;
AIAA - I am sure that they have a few initiatives that may be relevant.

fllubo October 9, 2013 22:34

Hello Julien:
I want to do some optimizaton on a BWB aircraft so I want to get some experiment data to suggest that the model is well optimized. I have looked at the website you gave, but a lot of them is empty. I get confused, could you please give me some advise? Thanks!

julien.decharentenay October 9, 2013 23:39

I have no experience in blended-wing-body (optimized or not). I was asking you what source of experimental data you have looked into and providing you pointers to some of CFD validation dataset that I am aware of. These may not be relevant to your application, but could be worth looking into while waiting for someone to provide you with the exact experimental data that you require.

fllubo October 10, 2013 00:26

Ok, thanks for your help~

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