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Artvandelay October 8, 2013 09:27

Bubble plume simulation, multi phase flow
I'm trying to simulate a bubble plume in a water tank (cubical). My simulation is yielding results close to that determined experimentally, when my plume injection point is at the center of the cube. But when I inject from closer to the wall (to study the Wall effects), the simulation results differ from the experimental ones. Can someone tell me what additional physics I might be missing? (Do I need to fine tune certain parameters, while simulating for the wall effects?) I have adjusted the meshing to include a higher resolution near the wall.
PS: I'm not using turbulence modeling in the simulation.
Thanks in advance!

davibarreira December 31, 2014 09:38

Hello, I know it has been a while since you posted this, but did you manage to get the simulation working properly?Im also trying to simulate a bubble plume, but my results are not matching the experimental results. Right now Im trying to replicate the results present in the work of Dhotre and Smith (2007), entitled "CFD simulation of large-scale bubble plumes: Comparisons against experiments". My model seems to be overestimating the values of void fraction and the profile is not being a gaussian.

p.s:Im using axial symmetry.

Artvandelay January 1, 2015 14:55

Hey, I was actually not able to validate my results with the experimental findings. Initially I thought I got it correctly, but then I realized that there is a mismatch. While I am able to predict the structure of the plume with the one taken by the experimental one, I am not able to match the 2 structures in terms of scales. Besides I didn't use the 2 liquid model. I used eulerian-lagrangian formulation without any turbulence modeling (which is probably the reason for the mismatch). I did not use axial symmetry. So, sorry for that.

davibarreira January 1, 2015 18:11

Thanks for your reply!

Saugata May 5, 2017 05:42

Need Your Support
Sir, I am simulating bubble plume condition using Eulerian model. I find, air velocity just some distance after the injector is very high. For rest of the domain, it is matching test data. I am injecting air at a velocity of 0.05 M/Sec. However, I get air/water velocity as high as 2.5 M/Sec immediately after injection point. Can you help me with your definition file in Fluent or take my setup to review and provide some suggestion.

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