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Jianping October 27, 2006 10:31

Ferziger, Peric book code
Hi, all

I also have difficult to access these codes using FTP. I managed to connect to some other FTP sites and it worked fine. So I guess there is some problem with the server or ...

Just to ask you guys whoever has this code, could you please forward it me:

Thanks in advance,


Jianping October 27, 2006 17:04

Re: Ferziger, Peric book code
RT, thanks very much for your email!

jj November 5, 2006 23:19

Re: Ferziger, Peric book code
sir plz send me the code too ...its very helpful 2 me


zxaar November 5, 2006 23:34

Re: To Jonas
Is is possible to put a copy of this code somewhere in CFD online, a lot of people seems to be requesting for it, and every body has to wait if someone mails it to them.

i2a March 16, 2012 04:31

Hey guys, I know this an old thread but still can somebody send those codes over to me at

Thanks a lot

immortality July 12, 2013 16:23

although its an old thread if anybody have the code sends that to me if will be so thankful:

Aeronautics El. K. July 12, 2013 16:28

immortality July 12, 2013 16:33

Hi Lefteris
thanks a lot for quick reply.
which one in the list should i download?

Aeronautics El. K. July 12, 2013 16:39

Hi Ehsan!
I don't know which of the codes fits your needs. Generally the folder 2dgl includes the 2D laminar code for the NS equations and the 2dgt is the turbulent code. 3dc is the 3D NS code. The variable arrangement on the grid is colocated. However, to find which one you need there are readme files with more information.

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