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Kirikou October 28, 2006 07:10

FSI test cases

I'm trying to performe simulation for laminar incompressible flows in bidimentional domains with deformable boundaries and I'm looking for simple test cases to validate it such as flow over a deformable plate. Actually I'm working on small deformation.

I tried with google and scirus but I didn't find anything.

Any links or idea about other simple test cases?

ganesh October 30, 2006 00:32

Re: FSI test cases
Dear Kirikou,

I am not aware of deformable flat plate cases, but there are quite a few test cases on FSI involving cylinders. A good example if I remember right, is a 1999 JCP paper by Kallinderis etal. You can also try out in J. Fluids and Structures for similar problems on FSI.

Hope this helps



m.suresh kumar October 31, 2006 02:12

Re: FSI test cases
In the software CFDesign, we can simulate free motion wherein the unknown motion behaviour can be predicted.It also uses angular/linear/orbital/flow driven motion.You can see this on

Peter Attar October 31, 2006 15:59

Re: FSI test cases
I have some papers where I compute limit cycle oscillations for a flat delta wing in low subsonic(essentially incompressible,irrotational,inviscid) flow and correlate it to experiment. Unless you use a nonlinear structural model you won't be able to correlate the limit cycle behavior but the flutter speed you can correlate with. Also I have a couple of papers which look at flutter/LCO for an axial flow problem. Search on Attar and Dowell for the papers.

Mani November 3, 2006 08:32

Re: FSI test cases
I am a little puzzled by your question and curious at the same time. If someone creates a great numerical method, such as you or your peers obviously did, he usually starts by performing a literature survey. Don't you want to know if anyone has already done something like that and wouldn't you want to learn from that person's experience to speed up your own research and development? I cannot believe that 'google' is your only choice in getting information, and that this is only attempted "after" you have already developed the method. You must surely be coming from somewhere and heading for some place, at least there should be some motivation for your development effort?! I am not sure if I am getting my point across, but I am suggesting that the answer to your questions may be found in your immediate periphery (who is your advisor/supervisor, who is funding this effort, what is the motivation/goal of this effort)... it doesn't sound like a homework problem to me.

Peter November 3, 2006 08:56

Re: FSI test cases
I'm going to assume you are not talking about me..even though your statement was after my comment...

Mani November 3, 2006 16:02

Re: FSI test cases
My post is misplaced. I meant to comment on the original question. That's for you, Kirikou.

Jim_Park November 3, 2006 20:52

Re: FSI test cases
Wish I'd said that a few months ago!

Kirikou November 6, 2006 10:49

Re: FSI test cases
Well, not all PhD students have the opportunity to be in a big school, or university, and the possibility to access books and papers even if they have money. The world isn't only USA, Canada, Europe and some asian countries. Personally, I'm used, like a lot of other students, to this way of research, it's more difficult, but we don't have the choice, and being from the third world musn't be a obstacle. So don't judge me, because you don't know me. I hold a Master of Philosophy, I'm preparing my PhD since 2 years and I published many times. Yes, google and Scirus are my only place to get new information, or at least,a first contact, and no, I don't know if someone is working on the same problem, that's why I put this post. You have an idea or concrete advice, thanx in advance, if not, go on.

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