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leggman7 October 11, 2013 11:48

Flow Simulation only runs once
Hello Everybody,

First post here so I apologize as I couldn't find a more specific forum to put this in (is there no flow simulation forum?), but here is my question:
I'm running a flow simulation within solidworks, and I have a model set up with boundary conditions and the works. The first time I start solidworks and "run" the project, everything works normally. But then if I try to make any more changes and run again, the solver window does not come up and flow sim doesn't actually run. Has anyone come across this issue? If I close solidworks and open the project again, I can make more changes and run it once more. Obviously I am getting slightly frustrated at having to restart solidworks every time I want to run my project.

Thanks in advance for your replies!

julien.decharentenay October 13, 2013 19:50

You could contact your Solidworks support.

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