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Astrid Barros August 20, 1998 17:01

Yacht Design and CDF
I am a naval architect and work for about 5 years in Yacht Design and am presently doing my PhD in CFD, specifically using the FEM to simulate the flow around a racing sailboat (I chose an ILC25 IMS design of my own wich is beeing built).

As I do not have contact with other people doing similar work I would like to change ideas with anyone who has some experience in this area.

Stephane Baralon August 21, 1998 02:32

Re: Yacht Design and CDF

You explicitly mentioned that you had no contact with any other naval architect, therefore, I can give you the address of the Yacht designer in my University:

Department of Marine Hydrodynamics Chalmers University of Technology S-41296 Gothenburg SWEDEN

One of their most famous contribution in the scientific litterature is the review article of Lars Larsson in ANNUAL REVIEW OF FLUID MECHANICS, Volume 22, 1990

Scientific Methods in Yacht Design

I hope that I have been of help.

Kiran August 25, 1998 14:18

Re: Yacht Design and CDF
You can contact Stevens Institue of Technology in Hoboken, NJ 07030. USA. for info. They do a lot of Yacht designing there in a lab called Davidson Lab, although quite a bit of it may be classified. But I'm sure someone will be glad to help, to the extent possible.

Contact the chairman of the Davidson Lab there.

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