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Ferrieira, V. G. September 3, 1999 09:13

Free Surface Flows
Dear friends,

By using K-epsilon turbulence model, what are the Boundary Conditions for the variables k and Epsilon on a free surface?

Thank you.

John C. Chien September 3, 1999 11:23

Re: Free Surface Flows
(1). This question has been asked here more than once. I don't think there was an answer. (2). I don't know how the turbulence interacts with the surface tension. So, I will have to assume that the free surface is locally flat, and the random motion of the fluid is not causing the fluid particles jumping out of the surface. (3). If this is acceptable as the first order approximation, a local symmetry plane condition can be used, that is zero gradient normal to the surface. ( it is probably hard to measure the distribution of TKE on a moving irregular free surface.)

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