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Wanlai Lin September 3, 1999 10:24

Flow field measurement in turbomachinery!
Dear Sir or Madam:

EVP (Emerson Ventilation Products, a division of Emerson Electric Corporation) is trying to obtain some testing data for velocity and pressure field in an axial flow fan, and a centrifugal blower. We are especially interested in the flow field around the tip clearance (for the axial flow fan), and velocity and pressure field inside the rotor blade passage. The average velocity is about 12 (m/s), and the static pressure increase is about half an inch of water (or 300 N/m^2).

We are looking for someone in USA who (a) had routinely measured the flow field in the turbomachinery with the matured technology (like LDV) (b) had the measuring device ready for use (c) is willing to help EVP measure the flow field of a axial flow fan and a centrifugal blower, with a reasonable labor fee.

Please correspond to Dr. Wanlai Lin ( or Dr. Siddharth Singh Thakur ( for further information if you can help.

Thank you for your consideration.

John C. Chien September 3, 1999 11:11

Re: Flow field measurement in turbomachinery!
(1). With so many commercial codes on the market, some of those even specialized in turbomachinery, most are suitable for low speed applications, I am surprised that you are looking for data. (2). I would strongly suggest that you first try out some of these codes first. Some of the codes should be able to handle the tip clearance also. (3). Look for someone to do testing in a CFD forum? (hard to understand)

clifford bradford September 3, 1999 11:34

Re: Flow field measurement in turbomachinery!
John's right for that kind of thing some code should be good for the job. however if you really want to do measurements. Dr. Budugur Lakshiminarayana ( penn state is into that and he has all the required equipment

Md. Ziaul Islam September 3, 1999 12:06

Re: Flow field measurement in turbomachinery!
Turbulence Research Laboratory, University of Maryland at College Park

Facilities Windtunnel

Hot Wire Anemometry

The Turbulence Laboratory has extensive expertise in measurement of turbulent flow properties using multi-sensor hot-wire anemometry techniques. A unique, miniature, twelve-sensor hot-wire probe has been developed in this laboratory. It is capable of simultaneously measuring the velocity vector and the defining property of turbulence - the vorticity vector.

Two AA Lab Systems 12-channel constant-temperature anemometer systems are used with the hot-wire probes. Two constant current modules for high frequency temperature measurements are also available.

I am guessing that if you contact The Turbulence Research Laboratory then the personnels working at the lab. can find you an expert for flow measurements experimentally.


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