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ombvalves October 21, 2013 06:02

Femap TMG-Flow Boundary Conditions
Dear all,

Apologies in advance if my question is dumb, since I am a CFD newbie.

We have an internal flow problem with static pressure at the inlet and volume flow at the outlet and we are trying to solve it in Femap TMG-Flow with a coarse mesh of about 1e5 elements as a first estimate.
We are getting long convergence times and the solution has an average 0 mass flux and 0 average velocity, which are not physical.
We have played with different options for the solver, with no appreciable change.

Does anyone has any suggestion on how to change the solver settings in order to get a meaningful result?

Setting up inlet flow and outlet pressure is an obvious option, but we have seen demos of other CFD codes which are not having any such issue and we are curious why TMG-Flow is.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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