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sarah_ron November 10, 2006 14:47

Avrage in one direction
Dear all,

I have a small question.

My calculation domain is a rectangular duct.

10m(streamwise)* 2m(vertical)*5m(spanwise).

I have got the converged solution using FLUENT.

If I want to get the spanwise averaged mean velocity, is there any simple way in FLUENT? or other postprocessing software like tecplot?

More specificly, I'd like to get the spawise averaged mean velocity at x=1m, x=4,x=8m.

Any sugestion is welcome.


Dominic November 11, 2006 01:03

Re: Avrage in one direction
How about finding out the mean volume flow rate from FLUENT directly and diving it by the area at x=1,x=4,x=8.?


Andrew Hayes November 13, 2006 07:38

Re: Avrage in one direction
I am not sure if Fluent can do it or not, but I did something similar but with temperatures. I just wrote my temperatures out to an Excel file and did the post processing in Excel

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