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zonexo November 17, 2006 10:23

Which parallel solver is most suitable for my app?

i'm currently using NSPCG to solve for my poisson eqn. it's sequential and at times, it can blow up suddenly. i'm considering of changing to another solver. since the poisson eqn takes up the most amt of time, i presume it'll be better if i can use a parallel solver as well.

i've searched around and these are the ones which I've found:

1. petsc 2. pARMS 3. Aztec 4. sixpack (sequential?)

basically, i've obtained a matrix from the 2d poisson eqn and it needs to be solved.

i'm writing in fortran and for debugging and code writing, i'm using compaq visual fortran but for actual simulation, i used my university's unix/linux server. i'm also worried of using some solver since i'm also not sure how to pass C codes to fortran...

anyway, can someone recommend or comment on these solvers whether if they are suitable....

thank you very much

agg November 17, 2006 10:46

Re: Which parallel solver is most suitable for my
I've used aztec. It has worked well for me. It is also easy t o couple it with your fortran solver.

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