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Jenner November 19, 2006 07:29

Turbulent flow over backward step
I would like to know why segregated solver is taken for incompressible flow instead of coupled solver

al November 19, 2006 18:46

Re: Turbulent flow over backward step
First of all, you should specified what type of solver in terms of method, formulism, etc.

The old approach, i.e. the segregated solver, was a consequence of limited computer capacity mainly in terms of memory. It is possible to observe a new trend in the development of high performance solver based on the partially or fully couple approach.

Jenner November 20, 2006 06:22

Re: Turbulent flow over backward step
Thanks for the reply.I am working on simulation of steady state incompressible turbulent flow over a backward facing step.Fluent literature says it is customary to use segregated solver for incompressible flow.But there are no technical reasons for it.I need them.

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