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Jonas Larsson November 23, 2006 13:33

CFD Online Server Up Again
We have updated the entire OS and software on the CFD Online server over the last few days. This has caused some down-time which we apologize for. We are also still having a few compatibility issues that need to be resolved after the update, so please be nice and accept any problems over the coming few days. After the update we have a brand new OS (RedHat Enterprise ES4) running a brand new set of webhosting software. That will make it much easier to maintain and keep CFD Online's server patched for the future.

Jonas Larsson November 24, 2006 06:55

Email Problems Still
The new server setup still has some email problems that we are working to resolve. For the moment it is not possible to send emails to posters in this forum using the "Send Email" function.

Jonas Larsson November 27, 2006 18:02

Email Working Again
We have finally sorted out the email problems on the new server setup so the "Send Email" function in these forums should now be working again. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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