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prapanj November 28, 2006 09:28

Finite Volume method
hi could someone suggest me some god book on finite vol;ume methods? even a link to some useful information would do..

i want insight on the grids, ccell areas centroids etc.

someone please help me

ganesh November 28, 2006 13:52

Re: Finite Volume method
Dear Prapanj,

There are quite a number of books in CFD on finite volume methods. However, if you are looking at a broad perspective and practical implementation of FVM codes, then I would suggest the book by Blazek.



ramp November 28, 2006 14:03

Re: Finite Volume method
[1]Ferziger and Peric

[2]Sharma, A. and Eswaran, V. (2003). A finite volume method, in: Muralidhar, K. and Sundararajan, T. (Eds.), Computational Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer, Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi, pp. 445-482.

Venkatesh V November 28, 2006 18:11

Re: Finite Volume method
I would suggest to use Versteeg and Malalasekera " Computational Fluid Dynamics: Finite Volume approch" if you are planning to create structured solver (academic solver).

If you are planning to go for developing un-structured solver I would suggest ""

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