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Roger Yang November 30, 2006 10:56

Solidification / Multiphase CFD
I have been asked with the following analysis. I am not sure how much of these can be performed in CFX. It obviously involves phase change and seems similar to other type of solidification simulation. Any leads or previous experiences are greatly appreciated. (software available: CFX and ANSYS/Multiphysics/Flotran)

"We need to do an FEA to understand what happens when a fluid freezes inside our component and expands by 10%. Ideally we would allow for the fact that the fluid will move around some before final solidification. At a minimum we need to take into account the stiffness of the frozen fluid and determine the stress created in the component parts. The fluid is 32.5% aqueous urea solution. It freezes at -11 C. We are told that at -40C it will have expanded by 10%."


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