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hirematth December 9, 2006 01:41

unstructured grid generation in matlab
hi, i need 3D unstructured grid for finite volume scheme . i'm simulating in matlab. can any body suggest me where i can get matlab codes for grid generation for arbitrary geometry..? atleast algorithm for same thank you

Simon December 12, 2006 13:04

Re: unstructured grid generation in matlab
Try exploring the Delaunay function that comes with MatLab.

hirematth December 14, 2006 08:28

Re: unstructured grid generation in matlab
thank you very much for reply.

I would like to share that i have tried using Delaunay function that comes in matlab but for that one must already have grid points in the domain of interset. i wrote algorithm for that( to generate grid points, not for cell generation ). but the problem was with memoery. my algorithm was taking too much memory and error message indicating all memory for variables utilized was displayed.

it would be of great help if source for efficient algorithm or program for cell generation( together with grid point generation) is suggested.

thank you very much

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