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Vijay Thaker August 21, 1998 05:15

I'm doing my final year project using a shareware version of PHOENICS1.5EO downloaded from CHAM homepage. Can anyone out there please tell me where I can get the PIL command manuals (through the NET) and whether the shareware version can generate BFC bodies.

David Janes August 26, 1998 08:53

You can generate BFC bodies with PHOENICS1.5EO, although it is no easy.

You can get help on the PIL commands in POLIS guide (on of the submenu selections) and from within Satellite.

If you write to CHAM they may sell you the manual.

Abdul Hafid August 28, 1998 10:20

you can generate BFC using Q1 file (group 6 ). If you need help you can get it from SATELLITE by typing group number followed by (?).you can also get help from the library cases. If you need more help here is CHAM e-mail

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