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ganesh December 20, 2006 16:48

Laminar supersonic flow past bump in channel
Dear friends,

I have solved the 2D steady state supersonic laminar flow past the bump in a channel, with the freetream conditions given by M=1.4 and Re=8000. The channel is 1 unit high and 3 units long, with the bump being a circular arc of thickness 4% spanning from 0 to 1. In short the geometry is a 3 unit long channel, with a one unit 4% circular bump in the middle and 1 unit high. This test case is from Parthasarathy and Kallinderis (AIAA Jl, 1996). Unfortunately, the paper and its pointers to the results of similar computations by the same author seems to show flawed results, in terms of the skin friction distribution (looks like some typographic error or some scaling effects not duely explained). I have the skin friction on a finer grid for comparison, but it would be nice if someone who has already done the case could provide some data for comparison.

Regards and Thanks in advance,


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