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clifford bradford September 9, 1999 20:57
here's something or you to do when your not on cfd online. i haven't really checked it out but it seens good. now you can check there before asking questions here

X. Ye September 10, 1999 08:31

Thanks for your information. I have looked into this site. It is good. But I wish more links to references in every topic, e.g., about the interaction between shock and boundary layer, I find no references.

X. Ye

John C. Chien September 12, 1999 23:00

(1). If one is interested in aerospace engineering in general, it is a nice place to visit. (2). It has a broad coverage, but most are short. Then I guess one can always read the reference materials.

clifford bradford September 17, 1999 14:49

yes now that i've read through the page properly it seems rather thin especially in the inverse design and optimization sections, in fact the whole thing seems rather thin.

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