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alfred almer September 13, 1999 09:39

bfc 2 povray
I would like to convert a bfc-mesh A created by fluent into a mesh B . The format of the mesh B should be similar to the one ,i would use in povray to render the object depicted by A . That is, find triangles,that make up the surface of the object,that has been rendered into mesh A . UNfortunately,i donīt have access to a copy of the fluent software. Is there a way to to do this conversion by hand ?

Mesh A looks like


2 Created by : ICEM CFD/CAE FLUENT Interface Vers. 3.3.2 #

1 Title FLUENT Grid File /* CONFIGURATION = tbif */ #

6 Grid Type

2 1 3 14 98 51 #

9 BFC Grid -1.214401E-08 -9.703458E-06 -1.838437E-05 -2.586320E-05 -3.196537E-05 -3.652791E-05 -3.939371E-05 -4.040466E-05 -3.939997E-05 -3.626388E-05 .........

Joern Beilke September 13, 1999 13:41

Re: bfc 2 povray
I have a fortran program, which converts a fluent grid file into a starcd grid. If you know, how your mesh B should look like you can easily modify this code. Just tell me if you are interested in this.

Philip Morris Jones September 15, 1999 08:02

Re: bfc 2 povray
I have a vast collection of utilities that do conversion and have converted fluent meshes to STAR-CD meshes and STAR-CD meshed to povray and lately .rib format for rendering in BMRT. If you want to contact me I could definitely help


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