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NeaZen January 18, 2007 18:08

OpenFoam under Cygwin
Is it running like linux version? Same performances, no important bugs?

john deas January 20, 2007 12:23

Re: OpenFoam under Cygwin
If you want to run openfoam under windows, maybe you should take a look at virtualization. You will loose some performance, but your system will be up and running very quickly, which could be enough for testing openfoam. You can look for vmplayer, and "ubuntu edgy eft appliance" for example.

Hrvoje Jasak January 21, 2007 09:00

Re: OpenFoam under Cygwin
There is a precompiled version of OpenFOAM for Windows under Cygwin and a lot of details on this subject on the OpenFOAM User Forum. This will run out-of-box and if you really wish to use Windows this is what I recommend.

However, your life will be much easier if you stick to Linux (at least until the Lunix build issues get resolved). I'm hoping we will make some progress with OpenFOAM on both Windows and Mac OS X on the Workshop in Zagreb in June.


rt January 21, 2007 13:32

Re: OpenFoam under Cygwin
Is there any performance leake when it run under cygwin dll? (if what amount, do u have any comparison)

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