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J. Pinto September 14, 1999 12:30

cfd versatility
Hi all,

I want to know if CFD can be used to simulate the stream lines around a sphere for steady state and incompresible fluid. It's posible to evaluate the velocity component at any locations?

H. Lima September 14, 1999 16:39

Re: cfd versatility
If you have the ability to produce unstructured and adaptive grids, you can simulate such a flow with high precision. If not, it can still be done because CFD is the answer to all problems.

Regards Henri Lima, IV

Jin Wook LEE September 14, 1999 21:57

Re: cfd versatility
1) Of course. Your problem is very classical one in CFD area.

2) Please check that your problem is really steady. Flow around a sphere or around a cylinder is, as far as I know, unsteady for high Reynolds number(most case). Strouhal number and Karman vortex(both are terminology related to unsteady phenomena) are very deeply related to your problem.

Sincerely, Jinwook

clifford bradford September 17, 1999 14:38

Re: cfd versatility
yes and yes

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