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Fernanda January 22, 2007 14:43

Inlet Boundary Conditions
I am working with a flow around of building and I need to determine the inlet conditions for this problem. Use the Stress-w model of turbulence and I need to know as to determine the value of each stress tensor u'u', v'v', w'w', u'v', u'w', v'w' in the inlet of the domain. Somebody could help me?

Valerio January 22, 2007 16:28

Re: Inlet Boundary Conditions
Do you need coupling conditions between structural problem and fluid flow one? (In my opinion you can calculate the turbulent stress tensor components only afer that you know mean velocity values at the boundary of the domain!) (Are you italian?)

Fernanda January 23, 2007 07:59

Re: Inlet Boundary Conditions
Dear Friend,

(I am Brazilian).

After to have the distribution of velocity in the domain one meets the values of these tensors, but in my case is necessary to have the values for the tensors in the inlet of the domain, as boundary condition. Because I use the Stress- w model. I need this boundary conditions for inlet.



Valerio January 26, 2007 04:09

Re: Inlet Boundary Conditions
Dear Frernanda,

i'm sorry but i never worked about this kind of problem! I know only the classical coupling condition of the fluid-structure interaction but I think that yuou it.


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