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Bert Laney September 14, 1999 23:17

New List of Free CFD Codes
For those interested, I have compiled a longish list of free and low-cost CFD codes. I hope it will serve as a useful supplement to Plewa's commonly mirrored list dating from several years ago. The address is This list was constructed in the context of "Computational Gasdynamics," a recent book describing numerical methods for compressible air and gas flows. Because of this, and to keep the list to a reasonable length, I have intentionally omitted codes devoted exclusively to incompressible flows. If there is sufficient interest, I may modify this policy in the future. Right now, the list contains links to over 25 CFD codes. I would appreciate pointers to free or low-cost CFD software I may have missed. I am also interested in hearing about any hands-on experience with these codes, and may include any such feedback on the list in the future. Unfortunately, right now, the majority of the codes on the list were developed at US government labs, and thus may not be accessible to non-US citizens.

Chul-Ho KIM September 15, 1999 05:51

Re: New List of Free CFD Codes

I am a A/Prof. at Seoul National Univ. of Technology, Korea. My main research area is Thermal and Fluid Engineering, 80% numerical job. At my lab., I have three different CFD codes for teaching and research. Great to have this information for my research, I hope. Thanks.

Chris September 15, 1999 10:08

Re: New List of Free CFD Codes

From the looks of it you do not list Flo++, to be found at

I hope this falls int the "low-cost" bracket. I have made use of the code for the past two years and have found it to be very useful.



clifford bradford September 15, 1999 13:03

Re: New List of Free CFD Codes
most (all?) of the codes in the list are written in the US mostly in NASA or DOE/DOD labs. do you have any knowledge of available codes written in other countries? for example i know INRIA in france has a 2-d NS (adaptive mesh) code/mesh generator you can get for free.

Dr. Tanmay Sarkar September 15, 1999 14:51

Re: New List of Free CFD Codes
Dear Bert, We will be interested if you can possibly extend this list to codes dealing exclusively on incompressible flows. Thanks

Bert Laney September 15, 1999 15:24

Re: New List of Free CFD Codes
I looked for free CFD codes worldwide. However, I only found two CFD codes written outside of the US appropriate for inclusion on the list. I would be very happy to include more if I could find them. As far as the INRIA code, you may be referring to N3S, developed jointly by EDF, INRIA, and Simulog. While I would readily believe that qualified academics can obtain versions of N3S for free, it's also sold commerically, presumably at substantial cost. If you are referring to something other than N3S, please let me know.

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