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msmith January 29, 2014 17:54

SpaceClaim Multi-Body Part
I want to create a multi-body part so the two bodies are meshed together in Ansys Meshing. You can do this in DesignModeller by 'creating a new part', however doing the new component in SpaceClaim doesn't seem to have the same effect.

This is all so I can use a momentum source in CFX-Pre without having to create an interface between the two bodies.


msmith February 24, 2014 16:26

Ok let me try this from another angle.

Does anyone know how to make Ansys Meshing mesh two bodies as one part, ensuring mesh continuation between bodies negating the need for an interface in CFX-pre?

I would have thought such a control would be possible in Ansys Meshing (ie, not at the geometry stage).

bolus13 July 17, 2016 03:17


Did you find an answer to this. i am encountering the same problem


thomas. January 17, 2017 10:26


did anyone find a way to get passed this problem? I tried changing the "share topology" under "analysis" when clicking on the extracted volume, but with no success.

Any ideas?


bolus13 January 17, 2017 11:32

If you have a component with multiple bodies in Spaclaim you have different share topology options in the bottom left menu: none, group, share and merge.

If you select share the meshes will match in ansys meshing. A quick online search can provide more details on this.

thomas. January 20, 2017 02:38


thank you for your reply. I solved the problem. As I already wrote, I already tried the topology options with no success. The problem was, that my geometry still had a few CAD-issues. I repaired them all with the "Repair" tools from SpaceClaim.

Best regards,

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