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ksushantk February 2, 2014 11:42

hemodynamics: modelling of tapered aorta
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model flow through descending aorta including the effects of vessel taper and outflow through tributaries. assume flow to be "inviscid and steady". for this purpose aorta is represented as vessel with linear taper along which 1o tributaries are distributed. (assume 5 on each side). each tributary is assumed to have an outflow "q" (taper effect neglected). Flow rate is entering at station 1 is Q .i.e at the entry point. analyze the following cases (use Bernoulli equation)
1. A2 = A1/2 and q = 0
2. no taper and q = Q/20
3. A2 = A1/2 and q = Q/20
4. suppose one of the tributaries is occluded, as in arterial occlusion, analyze the case 1,2 and 3,

have attached figure for reference.

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