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Yasin Allyjaun February 14, 2007 12:12

modelling a vibrating circle
Hi Part of my project is to attempt to model a pulsating circle.

I'd like to see it create variations in the pressure of the fluid, the output would look like the ripples in a pond when a stone has been thrown in.

Have no idea where to start so any information, no matter how basic would be much appreciated.

I am new to the product so keep answers as simply put as possible please.


Harish February 14, 2007 12:39

Re: modelling a vibrating circle
What kind of oscillations the circle performs.There are many analytical solutions available for radially oscillating problems.Check any book on acoustics.

Yasin Allyjaun February 14, 2007 13:11

Re: modelling a vibrating circle
A simple sinusoidally varying oscillation will do, any books in particular that you'd recomend, preferable directly compatible with FLUENT?

Also i have been told that the problem involves dynamic meshes, are there any help guides that you would advise?

Harish February 14, 2007 13:35

Re: modelling a vibrating circle
Acoustics book by Morse and Ingard is a classical book and you can find many similar problems in there.As a first step I would not advice using a dynamic mesh since your oscillations are just sinusoidal.Look in the literature.The sinusoidal oscillations can be used as a boundary condition for solving the problem rather than using dynamic meshes.

prapanj February 15, 2007 23:46

Re: modelling a vibrating circle
I suggest you try using matlab for solving this problem. If the governign equations are simple, u can easily code them. lots of visualization tools too.

with regards prapanj

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