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James Knight February 17, 2007 04:56

CFD Domains for sale
I have three CFD related domains for sale due to unexpected project cancelations.

Looking for around 5k for the three.

Offers through



andy February 17, 2007 10:09

Re: CFD Domains for sale
Are such addresses still considered to be of value given that most people know how to use search engines?

If the address for FredBloggs CFD was rather than what would be the disadvantages?

Syaek February 19, 2007 06:13

Re: CFD Domains for sale
The degree of professionalism would be a big difference between the two names.

andy February 19, 2007 10:21

Re: CFD Domains for sale
Why would you look at the web address and associate professionalism with it? I am not saying that you would not or that others would not but I cannot see it myself. In truth, I am fairly sure I am not aware of the web address of 99%+ of the web sites I visit.

I can see that it would be nice to have an address related to the company name but I cannot see why it should be worth much money. Nor presumably do fluent.

I can see that if someone used for a porn site it might prompt paying over the odds for the address but this is a negative rather than a positive reason.

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