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Slavo February 28, 2007 08:36

Dynamic grid datasets

could anybody give me a hint where to find some example datasets with dynamic grid (moving boundaries) ? I have been looking for dynamic grid datasets on the web .. but I found nothing.

Any suggestions welcomed

Thank you

Mr.Nantaratn Kananai February 28, 2007 13:06

Re: Dynamic grid datasets
Hi Slavo,

I am not sure, did you mean 'Dynamic Mesh' instead of 'Dynamic grid'. If it is dynamic-mesh. You can use Yahoo or Google websites to search. There are some place, you can find manual of commercial code with dynamic-mesh and a lot of theory. Perhaps, if i found soon, i will send you in PDF files.

Good Luck Nantaratn

Slavo February 28, 2007 13:53

Re: Dynamic grid datasets
Thanks for the response. I meant dynamic mesh. I'm not looking for the techniques for generating a dynamic mesh. I'm looking for the data sets from CFD flow simulations which involve dynamic mesh (dynamic boundaries of sim. domain). I tried Google an Yahoo... but I found nothing. Do you know about some dataset repository where can I download such datasets ?


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